Group  Lessons

Group lessons provide a fun and affordable way for students to try an instrument. It needs 
to be stressed however that all students progress much faster in solo lessons.

ROCKiSKOOL offers group lessons to students who are starting an instrument for the 
first time. Groups are not suitable for students who already have prior musical experience.

Groups lessons are kept small with usually no more than 5 students per group.

If only 2 students are wanting to be in a group, a Duo lesson will take place.

Group lessons may involve multiple types of instruments. This will in no way affect the 
quality of the music tuition given as the ROCKiSKOOL syllabus is written so that all 
instruments learn the same songs at the same time.

If there are no other students to form a suitable group or duo with, ROCKiSKOOL will only be 
able to offer solo lessons or you are able to put your name on our waiting list.