Hiring and buying an instrument

If you do not own an instrument it is recommended to hire one first to see if your child has 
the enthusiasm to keep up the regular practice needed to progress on an instrument. 
ROCKiSKOOL hires out the following instruments:
  • Guitar - $20 per month
  • J-flute, Clarineo - $25 per month
  • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet - $35 per month
  • Saxophone - $55 per month
If you would like to hire an instrument please click on the following link to get to our online hire form:

If you prefer to buy an instrument, ROCKiSKOOL has a range of instruments that we have sourced due to their quality, price and suitability for younger students. ROCKiSKOOL students receive a 
20% discount off the RRP of every instrument we sell.