"Are You Kool" or "Is You a Fool"?

Kool people always have 2 distinct characteristics.
  1. They are Confident
  1. They are Considerate

Confidence comes from knowledge and knowledge about music comes from practice. When Kool musicians play to an audience they do 
so with confidence. Kool musicians have done enough practice so that they don’t make any bad mistakes. Kool musicians know if they do make a mistake it won’t be a disaster and most likely no-one will notice. So the more you practice, the lower your temperature will be.

Being considerate means you treat everybody with the same respect as you would wish to be treated with. Kool musicians know that 
even though you might not like everybody in the band, you all have to get along or the music you play together will sound terrible. Showing respect and consideration to others will lower your temperature.

The Rules of Kool

  • Kool musicians practice, and practice, and practice, and practice, and ................
  • Kool musicians help other musicians when and wherever they can
  • Kool musicians don’t think they’re better than anybody else
  • Kool musicians ask for permission before touching another person’s instrument
  • Kool musicians never try to make themselves look good by putting others down
  • Kool musicians know someone has to be the leader and never argue with that person
  • Kool musicians always do what the band leader says straight away
  • Kool musicians don’t waste time, their own or anybody else’s
  • Kool musicians are punctual and always have all of their equipment
  • Kool musicians never miss a band practice
  • Kool musicians know when to listen and when to play
  • Kool musicians love playing music for others to enjoy
  • Kool musicians know “acting the fool,  just ain’t Kool”

So "Are You Kool" or "Is You a Fool"?