Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between the Parent/Guardian named above (referred to as “you”) and ROCKiSKOOL and acknowledges that you have requested ROCKiSKOOL to provide instrumental music tuition to the student named above and that ROCKiSKOOL has agreed to do so on the following terms and conditions:

1. This tuition agreement will last for one ROCKiSKOOL semester only, commencing on your completed and signed tuition agreement being received by ROCKiSKOOL as well as the relevant fees having been paid. 

2. For continued tuition, your child will need to be re-enrolled each semester. Re-enrolment includes the completion of the re-enrolment form together with the payment of the term fees. Should this form and the relevant fees not have been received by ROCKiSKOOL by the start of the school holidays, your child’s place in the instrumental music program may be offered to another student.

3. Lessons are charged per half or full semester and in advance. A ROCKiSKOOL semester will have 16 lessons/performance opportunities.

4. Fees
Groups (Beginners in Grades 2 to 6 only):    Half Semester - $165 (8 lessons)    Full Semester - $330 (16 lessons)
Solo lessons:    Half Semester - $285 (8 lessons)    Full Semester - $570 (16 lessons)

Fees for remaining lessons are not refundable if your child permanently withdraws from tuition before the semester ends. At no time will a refund of fees be given. Fees may rise at the end of the semester, if so notification will be given in writing to the parent by ROCKiSKOOL. 

5. Missed Classes: 
A minimum of 72 hour’s notice is required for a missed lesson to be made up at another time. This is to ensure the teacher has enough time to reschedule with other students and schools. It is the responsibility of the parents, not the school, to inform the teacher of any days where teaching may not be possible due to school activities. Notification is to be directly with ROCKiSKOOL, not the school office and is to be via an SMS to the ROCKiSKOOL/teacher’s mobile phone or email . It may be necessary for solo students to take part in group lessons to make up for missed lessons. If this occurs, solo students will be entitled to 3 group lessons for each missed lesson. Time spent at Jam Sessions may count towards the making up of missed lessons by the student even though Jam Session is normally offered as a free lesson. If the teacher is away, a make up lesson will be given at the first convenient time. This may occur on a different day.

6. It is expected that students act at all times in a respectful and co-operative manner with both the music teacher and other students. Should a child continue to act inappropriately after being warned, they will be sent back to class. If the inappropriate behaviour continues, lessons will be discontinued and the tuition fees will be forfeited.

7. Indemnity Provision: You agree that ROCKiSKOOL cannot accept responsibility or liability  whatsoever to any injuries by students on teaching premises in the normal course of instruction, and indemnify ROCKiSKOOL of any costs incurred in the case of any sustained injury. You also understand that ROCKiSKOOL is not responsible for the supervision of students outside their booked lesson time.